Screen Printing: Eco Friendly

Here at FWD we specialize in environmentally friendly water based screen printing. For this we use Matsui and Jantex Ink systems. Both of these companies manufacture high end water based screen printing inks. With these inks we are able to match pantone colors on both light and dark colored garments. For those who are looking for a 100% environmentally friendly printed garment, we recommend a 100% organic cotton garment, combined with our straight water based inks.

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Screen Printing: Water Based Discharge

We also offer water based discharge screen printing. This is a water based process that allows us to print on dark colored shirts, using light colored inks, while keeping the extremely soft hand that water based inks offer. The main requirement for this process to work is that the garment is 100% cotton, and that the dye used in the garment is a reactive dye. Other fabric blends may be possible, but a sample print is recommended before production is run. All of the water based inks provide an extremely soft hand after printing. These inks are embedded into fabric, so that they yield a soft look, as well as feel. They are not meant to provide bright, or shiny colors. For that look, plastisol ink is recommended.

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Screen Printing: Traditional Printing

We also offer the traditional plastisol inks. We currently use Wilflex plastisol inks. These are the inks that have been used in the screen printing process for many many years. They are best used to achieve bright, or shiny colors on the garment after printing. The ink sits more on top of the fabric, instead of being embedded into the fabric like water based inks. We have soft hand additives that allow us to print plastisol inks, while keeping a relatively soft hand on the printed garment. With these inks we are also able to match pantone colors.

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