Specialty Printing: Fabric Patches

Another way that we have been able to get creative with our printing is by printing on fabric patches. This is a great way to give your garments that extra level of depth and creativity. For this we can screen print your art on almost any piece of fabric. It is preffered to be mostly, if not 100% cotton. The fabric can be brand new, or a soft old bed sheet bought at the thrift store. After we apply your print to the fabric patches that have been cut to size, they can be sewn onto the desired garment. This especially works well for sweatshirts or jackets. Throw in a nice zig-zag stitch, and it gives your piece a very hand-made custom look.

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Specialty Printing: Surf Laminates

Another good application of screen printing is in the printing of surf laminates. This is a similar process to t-shirt printing, but we print on rice paper for nice surfboard laminating qualities. The same with printing t-shirts, we can print up to 8 colors in a design. For this process we use plastisol inks because it is a less toxic ink to use than the standard Enamel laminate ink. The plastisol ink looks great under a nice lamination, and holds up to the sun and heat that a surfboard will endure.

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Specialty Printing: Sleeve Printing

A common service that we encounter is sleeve printing. This is mostly requested for long sleeve garments. Our maximum print size for sleeve printing is 20 inches long by 4 inches tall. This too would apply to our 8 color maximum print colors. Another great way to add creativity and depth to your garment.

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Specialty Printing : Boardshort Printing

Here at FWD we like to get creative with our printing capabilities. We have recently added a new service that works great for custom boardshorts. We are able to print on fabric panels using water based inks, that will, after printing, go to a cut and sew company to be assembled into your custom boardshorts. Our maximum print size is 18 inches by 23 inches, which is a good size for printing large fabric panels that can be sewn into wearable garments. A cotton twill fabric, or any fabric mostly made of cotton is the preferred material for us to print on.

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